Information Technology
MRS has a dedicated IT department that strives to keep pace with the continuously changing world of computer and internet based technologies. Our IT support group integrates computer systems, coordinates and provides training, and manages software, hardware, and applications.

Collection Software
We utilize the most comprehensive debt collection system in the industry.

Direct Data Entry
By using the Medicare EDI software, an electronic transaction can be used to inquire about the eligibility, coverage, or benefits associated with a health plan, employer, plan sponsor, subscriber, or a dependent under the subscriber's policy.

Medicaid Batch Processing
Medicaid has significantly changed since the implementation of HIPAA due to the requirement to use standard transaction formats. Our Medicaid eligibility software can process up to 10,000 records per file. We currently have SC, NC, and GA active.

Call Center Technology
We have on-demand Virtual Call Center Tools, Predictive Dialing, and Interactive Voice Messaging (IVM) solutions. We stand out from any competition because of 2 driving factors: Technology and Professionalism.

As we have become more aware of our need to improve quality, the monitoring of agent performance is most important to accomplish the highest level of quality possible. We also use a digitized voice recording solution that provides a high quality exceeding the capabilities of many of the industry leading DVR solutions.

Call Recording
All debtor/agent conversations can be recorded free of charge. This allows you to better understand how your agents and customers interact with each other.

Machine Detection
We do not waste agents time with machines and voice mail. We let software deliver a pre-recorded message. The software we use has been independently tested to be 99% accurate in machine detection. Additionally, we are always monitoring and improving this service as answering machine technology advances.

Local Caller ID
Local ID will match the debtor number with a local number in a bucket that has remote call forwarding. These numbers can be randomized, increasing right-party-connection.

Cell Phones
We scrub wireless numbers when using automated calling technology, as the burden of proof lies with the company responsible for the calls. Removing wireless numbers via scrubbing removes the potential for any liability associated with a call to such numbers.